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08 Août 2017

Benenova volunteer Paris


Since its launch in 2013, Benenova has created a flexible, organized, efficient way to volunteer for people of all ages. While most volunteer organizations here in Paris require a weekly commitment, Benenova’s projects are chunked into two/three-hour time slots.


bénévoles jardinBenenova follows a simple message when it comes to volunteering: we provide access to volunteer projects in a friendly environment with the assurance that you and your time will be respected. You choose actions that pique your interest and fit within the confines of your personal schedule. 2 clicks and voilà! After that, your sole responsibility is to meet up with your fellow volunteers and group leader the day of the action. From an administration perspective, we work will fellow non-profit organizations to ensure that every action runs smoothly (welcoming volunteers, duration, requirements, etc.). We also verify that these actions will be a positive experience all around. 

Some of our projects include gathering and redistributing food, volunteering at refugee shelters, sorting through clothing donations, spending time with some of the locals at a nursing home, giving tours around different parts of Paris to people with physical disabilities etc.

bénévolat intergénérationnel

Do you need to speak fluent French? Absolutely not! Most of their actions require the bare basics. Seeing as you will spend your time working with other French speakers here in Paris, these actions can serve as a great way to practice your French and meet new people while taking some time to volunteer.

How can you get started? 

It’s easy! Click on the link in the upper-right hand corner titled +Inscription. After registering all of your information, you have the option to click on the calendar to find events that work with your schedule and pique your interests. All of our activities are listed on the calendar and are paired up with a project leader that will keep you informed about the action. Soon after choosing a volunteer project you will receive and e-mail confirmation from your project leader with specific details about the event.

Contact Alix, our calendar Coordinator with any questions you might have at

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