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20 Novembre 2017


Since its launch in 2013, Benenova has created a flexible, organized, efficient way to volunteer for people of all ages. While most volunteer organizations here in Paris require a commitment, Benenova’s volunteer opportunities are two to three hour time slots with no commitment required. 


03_-_Distribution_anti-gaspi.jpgBenenova strives to provide access to volunteer opportunities that will respect you and your time, thus our actions are short (2-3 hours) and punctual! Our calendar provides explanations of each action, allowing you to choose that which piques your interest most. Signing up is easy, too! All it takes is an account and a couple of clicks! After that, your sole responsibility is to meet up with fellow volunteers and group leader the day of the action. From an administration perspective, we work will fellow non-profit organizations to ensure that every action runs smoothly (welcoming volunteers, duration, requirements, etc.). We also verify that these actions will be a positive experience all around. 


Don't Speak French? No Problem! There are many actions that don't require you to speak French. (click link for more information) You will be with other volunteers from Paris so you will even be able to work on your French language skills while meeting new people.

Are you ready to get involved? 
1. Click on the link +Inscription
2. Register your information
3. Click on our calendar to find and sign up for actions!
4. You will receive an email confirmation after your incription

What is a Supernova? Supernova's are volunteers who take the initiative to be the "head volunteer" for an action. They will send you a text a day or so before the action giving you details about where to go and when, they are also your go-to for any questions you may have before or during the action*


Questions? Contact our Coordinator, Alix Vandon at


-Top Right: Volunteers at our action "1 légume de perdu, 10 de retrouvés" with partner association Hologramme. Here, volunteers make their way around the market at Rue de Reuilly (Paris 12) to collect unsold fruits and vegetables destined for the trash in order to redistribute them, fighting against food waste!
- Bottom Left: Volunteers at our action "Confection et distribution de colis alimentaires" with partner association Lachorba. Here, volunteers help put together food packages to distribute to those who need it! 

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